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About Palmetto Athletics

Palmetto Athletics was founded in 2007 and offers classes designed based on skill level and age to create a supportive and progressive learning environment. Our facility offers classes for ages 3 and up. PA also offers you the opportunity to be a part of the PA All-Star Competitive teams.

Tumble Classes

Designed to help athletes develop the strength, control, conditioning, and technique necessary to execute tumbling skills that are both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

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Half-Year Cheer

Participation in the Palmetto Athletics Half-Year program helps athletes to prepare for School and All Star Tryouts. No Experience is necessary to participate.

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All-Star Cheer

All-Star teams train to compete in local, regional, and national competitions; consisting of individuals from different area schools creating enduring friendships.

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Birthday Parties

Want a cheap, fun, and safe environment to host your next birthday party? We setup everything you need, just bring athletes and decorations. Call us today!

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